Jessica Bassett

Smarter Regulation for the “Optimizing Economy”

An economy increasingly based on algorithms will need a more sophisticated government, too.

What Makes a “Best-in-Class” Regulator?

The Penn Program on Regulation asks stakeholders what they think makes for an excellent regulator.

A Better Way to Study the Effects of Regulation on Employment

New study proposes a better way to take employment effects into account in rulemaking.

House Subcommittee Airs Debate Over “Secret Law”

Public access to regulations takes center stage at congressional hearing.

The Growing Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation

Cost-benefit analysis assumes an increasingly prominent role in financial rulemaking.

ACUS Examines Time it Takes the White House to Review Rules

ACUS floats proposals to make rule review faster and more transparent.

OFR Responds to Petition on Incorporation by Reference

Government office responds to petition seeking greater public access to legal rules.

Regulatory Responses to Honeybee Deaths

Regulatory efforts to combat honeybee deaths focus on pesticides.