The Regulation of American Archaeology

Federal regulation of domestic and international archaeology comes from a variety of agencies.

Calculator Money

Rethinking the Value of a Statistical Life

It is time to reconsider the value of the VSL in policy analysis.


The Origins of GAO’s Ukraine Funding Report

Government Accountability Office report on military aid reflects historical tug-of-war between Congress and the President.

Federal Agencies’ Westward Expansion

The Bureau of Land Management’s relocation sets the stage for other federal agencies to leave Washington.

Regulating Hemp

After a long struggle, farmers will soon be able to grow industrial hemp in the United States.

Supreme Court

Debating Independent Agencies

The upcoming Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of the CFPB highlights modern debates about independent agencies.

Philadelphia Passes Renters’ Right to Counsel

The law is a win for housing advocates, but gaps remain in city’s rental protections.

Inequalities in Natural Disaster Regulation

Certain communities may face disproportionate harms in the wake of natural disasters.

Gender Scale

A New Era for the ERA

The Equal Rights Amendment raises questions of congressional authority.

White House

Making Sense of the Trump Administration’s Regulatory Numbers

The Administration quietly released data showing its deregulatory success has been limited.


Justice Department’s New Position on Patents, Standard Setting, and Injunctions

A new policy statement from the federal government contradicts established law on whether patent holders can seek injunctions.

Sports Betting

Regulating Sports Betting After Murphy v. NCAA

After a 2018 Supreme Court case, the laboratories of democracy are busy experimenting with sports betting.