Commercial Drones in the Skies by 2017

The FAA proposes rule permitting restricted use of commercial unmanned aircraft systems.

Audit Says FEMA Still Not Ready to Deliver Supplies During Emergencies

FEMA’s supply chain system might not aid disaster victims effectively, report says.

Promoting Safer Streets

Department of Transportation steps up effort to enhance pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

New Federal Guidance Issued on Public-Private Toll Roads

Federal highway authority calls for balancing public policy objectives with private investment.

Drug and Alcohol Tests for Professional Drivers

Agency proposes database of drug and alcohol tests for commercial drivers.

Penn Seminar Explores New Responses to Flood Risks

Experts ask if super-storms require new approaches to risk regulation, insurance, and disaster management.

FAA Proposes Aircraft Retrofit Requirement

Some cockpit displays may fail because of Wi-Fi interference.

States Incorporate Changing Federal Regulation for Car Seats

New dataset explores relationship between state and federal child restraint laws.

TSA Seeks Comments on Whole Body Imaging at Airports

TSA will install new privacy technology on screening machines in coming weeks.

Despite Recent Safety Record, FAA May Lack Key Data

Recent GAO report details ways to improve aviation safety data collection.

Congress Considers Restricting the Use of Unmanned Aerial Aircraft

Proposed bill would limit the use of drones for surveillance.

Assessing Regulations in the Wake of Disaster

New book argues for careful deliberation before making vast changes to regulatory system.