AT&T Seeks Government Support to Modernize Internet Infrastructure

AT&T petitions the FCC to facilitate experimental transitions to an Internet-based network.

Finance Experts Discuss Future of U.S. Housing System

Penn panel focuses on current housing finance regulatory issues.

Federal Housing Finance Agency Rejects Debt Forgiveness Program

FHFA says statute prevents Fannie and Freddie from adjusting principal.

Pennsylvania to Resume Homeowners Assistance Program

Program that had saved thousands of homes is resuming.

Valuing the Rear-view Camera Rule

NHTSA’s analysis cannot support its conclusion that the benefits justify the costs.

Congress Passes FAA Modernization Act

Long-awaited bill will fund FAA through 2015.

Hearing Raises Questions about Legality of Mining Office Consolidation

Criticisms leveled at Interior Secretary’s decision to move OSM into BLM.

DOE Keeps Its Electricity Transmission Siting Authority

DOE decides not to give FERC transmission line siting power under the Federal Power Act.

FAA Grants Approval to Proposed Airline Slot Swap at Northeast Airports

Transaction will reshape airline makeup at LaGuardia, Reagan National airports.

Transportation Department Rule Expands Air Passenger Protection

Requirements increase potential compensation, extend to international carriers.

Washington D.C. Plans to Overhaul Its Zoning Code

Washington, D.C. seeks to promote environmental sustainability by updating zoning code.

Obama’s Plan to Reform the Housing Market

The Obama Administration explains its plans for reforming the U.S. housing market: less government involvement, more private capital.