Sarah Madigan

Flawed Rules Ensnare Marine Mammals

Scholar identifies pitfalls of marine mammal protections and pushes for coordinated global standards.

“Remain in Mexico” Policy Remains in Effect for Now

Recent Trump Administration immigration policy survives round one in the courts.

Who Holds the Keys to Rental Housing Data?

New York City ordinance that would regulate online home-sharing platforms hits a red light in federal court.

Reforming Regulation to Promote Medical Use of Psychedelic Drugs

Expert argues for altering regulations on psychedelic drugs to treat mental illness and addiction.

Immigration Adjudication in the “Trump Era”

Scholar examines the former Attorney General’s increased political oversight of immigration courts.

Regulating Instagram Posts

Author argues that FTC disclosure rules may infringe upon endorsers’ right to free speech.

Week in Review

Judge halts online release of blueprints for 3D-printed plastic guns, EPA and NHTSA propose modification of emissions standards, and more…

Getting Railroads to Regulate Sleep Disorders

Transportation safety agency and senators push for regulations combatting sleep apnea in rail employees.

Federal Appeals Court Calls Off Agency’s Robocall Ruling

The D.C. Circuit strikes down some of the FCC’s restrictions on automated calls.

Week in Review

Texas and other states ask court to declare DACA “unlawful,” seventeen states and the District of Columbia sue EPA over fuel efficiency standards repeal, and more…

Week in Review

Senate confirms Pompeo as Secretary of State, Court rules Transportation Department cannot delay fuel efficiency rule, and more…

Week in Review

The ATF proposes to classify bump stocks as machineguns, 17 states sue over citizenship question on Census, and more…