Regulatory News and Analysis: 2016 in Review

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The Regulatory Review celebrates the end of 2016 by featuring our top news and analysis pieces from the past year.

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As the new year arrives, The Regulatory Review would like to reflect on the many important regulatory developments and debates that occurred in the United States and around the world in 2016. We also want to recognize some of the excellent work we had the privilege to feature on The Regulatory Review this past year. From Monday, December 26th through Wednesday, December 28th, we are presenting the top 50 essays published in The Regulatory Review over the past twelve months, based on the number of page views.

Today we feature, in alphabetical order by author, the top news and analysis essays from 2016. Visit our “Regulatory Year in Review” series main page for information about the top opinion essays and series.

Smarter Regulation for the “Optimizing Economy”

Jessica Bassett | Wednesday, February 24

An economy increasingly based on algorithms will need a more sophisticated government, too.

Federal Agency Tackles Health Care Gap for Transgender Soldiers

Sara Bodnar | Tuesday, March 29

A proposed rule would cover certain gender transition services for military members.

The Origins and Outcomes of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Katie Cramer | Tuesday, March 15

Institute for Law and Economics panel examines the automaker’s corporate culture and regulatory violations.

Hoverboard Regulations Attempt to Balance Safety and Fun

Kim Cullen | Wednesday, March 9

Philadelphia City Council considers hoverboard restrictions for young users.

The Encryption Wars

Joel Dankwa | Wednesday, October 19

Federal and state legislatures explore ways to address encryption disputes.

The Uncertain Benefits of GMO Labeling

Griffin Davis | Monday, November 21

Scholar argues that regulators will have difficulty applying cost-benefit analysis to mandatory GMO labeling.

Implementing the Volcker Rule’s Backstop Provisions

Michael A. Fletcher II | Tuesday, March 8

Lawyers propose strategies for regulators in implementing often-overlooked Volcker Rule provisions.

Reforming the Federal Reserve System

Michael A. Fletcher II | Wednesday, September 21

Penn scholar explains the role, structure, and possible changes to the Federal Reserve System.

Is Dungeness Crab Safe to Eat?

Jana FitzGerald | Thursday, March 31

California regulators lift ban on commercial fishing following health, economic, and environmental concerns.

The Future of California’s Water

Jana FitzGerald | Monday, August 29

A legislative committee report urges state regulators to seek alternative water sources.

Justice Scalia’s Greatest Hits in Administrative Law

Kim Kirschenbaum | Friday, February 19

The Regulatory Review reflects on the late Justice Scalia’s most consequential—and colorful—opinions in administrative law.

Filling Up the Gas Tank with Corn, Sugar Cane, and Wood

Jennifer Ko | Wednesday, November 23

EPA moves to increase support for ethanol and other renewable fuels.

The Fight for the Right to Sell Cookies

Brandi Lupo | Tuesday, February 23

Wisconsin farmers bring lawsuit challenging a state ban on the sale of homemade baked goods.

Reforming Medical Device Regulation

Sarah Melanson | Wednesday, February 3

Researchers argue for reducing FDA involvement in medical device regulation.

Nevada Rate Change Signals the Start of Larger Utilities Battle

James Rathz | Tuesday, May 24

A utility commission decision—criticized for discouraging solar energy—highlights challenges facing the electricity sector.

FCC to Consider Unlocking the Cable Box

Dan Stepanicich | Thursday, February 11

Chairman Wheeler seeks to promote competition in the video services market by unlocking the set-top box.

Evaluating Germany’s Success in Regulating High-Frequency Trading

Alex Walsh | Tuesday, October 25

Scholar argues that ambitious German regulation on computer trades, although imperfect, is beneficial.

Solving Brazil’s Bribery Scandals

Livia Wanderley Vieira | Friday, April 15

Brazilian prosecutors hope to curb corruption with new laws—but critics say they go too far.

GAO Calls on Government Leaders to Revisit Financial Regulatory Reform

Grayson Weeks | Tuesday, March 1

Government Accountability Office issues report finding oversight system too fragmented and complex.

Do Environmental Regulations Really Work?

Bryan Williamson  | Thursday, November 24

Scholars argue that environmental laws improve air quality despite increases in U.S. manufacturing output.

Philadelphia Cracks Down on Uber

Tanya Xu | Tuesday, March 1

Philadelphia’s parking authority takes action to rein in Uber’s alleged violations of the city’s regulations.