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Strategies for Solving the Police Use of Force Crisis

Former FBI agent outlines ways departments can reduce deadly encounters between civilians and police.

Penn Panel Addresses Police Use of Force

Criminal justice experts discuss improper use of police force—and also pose solutions.

How to Protect Football Stars

Experts discuss multiple avenues OSHA could undertake to protect NFL players.

Regulatory Series: 2016 in Review

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Regulatory News and Analysis: 2016 in Review

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Regulatory Opinion: 2016 in Review

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Regulatory Year in Review: 2016

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Deciding Whether Software Will Eat the Bureaucracy

Agencies, policymakers, and the courts can all address the risks associated with cyberdelegation.

Preparing for Cyberdelegation and Its Risks

Automation in the administrative state could upset the relationship between people and their government.

The Surprising Use of Automation by Regulatory Agencies

Agencies’ uses of sophisticated information technologies highlight the possibilities of administrative automation.

Machines as Bureaucrats

New digital technologies promise improvements in government services but raise questions, too.

Artificial Intelligence and the Administrative State

No rubric exists to decide how to navigate the use of automation in the administrative state, but society can make informed choices.