Securities and Exchange Commission

Constraining the SEC’s Enforcement Options

Supreme Court limits agency’s ability to demand repayment of illegal gains.

Systematic Study Shows Improvement in SEC Economic Analysis

Agency sees increased effectiveness after incorporating feedback from courts and academics.

The Public Interest in Public Securities Settlements

Legal scholar argues SEC settlements after Dodd-Frank create potential costs for defendants and the public.

GAO Calls on Government Leaders to Revisit Financial Regulatory Reform

Government Accountability Office issues report finding oversight system too fragmented and complex.

Still Too Big to Fail?

President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve argues that banks still pose a threat of catastrophic failure.

Prosecuting Corporate Criminals

Prosecutions of individual corporate criminals can, in fact, be successful—and are critical for attaining justice.

Can Securities Regulation Stymie Conflict in Africa?

Challenges loom concerning the implementation of a Dodd-Frank provision requiring companies to disclose source minerals from war-torn regions.

How Business-Based Standards Can Support Human Rights

When promulgating human rights rules for businesses, specific is better.

Building More Effective Regulation

The past few years in regulation offer lessons for the next five.

Regulating Unicorns

Legal scholar argues that the largest private startups should be required to disclose more information.

Democratizing Investment in Start-Ups

SEC grapples with consumer protection obstacles and compliance costs through new crowdfunding rule.

SEC Moves to Expand Executive Compensation Disclosure

Proposed rule would require companies to make clearer disclosure of pay and performance information.