Robert A. Kagan

My Pathway

Robert A. Kagan provides his own perspective on major influences and broad themes underpinning his research.

Robert A. Kagan: Scholar of Professional Expertise

Kagan’s agenda favors professionalism as the key alternative to hyper-adversarial contestation.

Kagan the Comparativist

Robert A. Kagan’s comparative perspective on American law and politics has set the stage for a productive debate over regulation.

Robert A. Kagan: Man of Style

Kagan’s insight on legal “styles” paves the way for future regulatory studies and policymaking efforts.

Kagan the Explorer

Robert A. Kagan’s research is a quest to understand legal authority and how it works in the world.

Honoring Robert A. Kagan

In a five-part series, The Regulatory Review explores and honors the contributions of political scientist Robert A. Kagan.