Regulatory Impact Analysis

Building Capacity for Economic Analysis at Independent Agencies

Independent agencies should take steps to conduct more thorough economic analysis when writing regulations.

Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Age of Partisan Volatility

Policy oscillation creates serious problems that may require government scrutiny.

New Developments in Regulatory Benefit-Cost Analysis

Scholars and industry representatives highlight takeaways from conference on new regulatory developments.

Systematic Study Shows Improvement in SEC Economic Analysis

Agency sees increased effectiveness after incorporating feedback from courts and academics.

Improving Benefit-Cost Analysis by Making It Simpler

Earlier and less burdensome regulatory impact analyses would lead to more transparent, better regulatory decisions.

Better Policy Analysis Makes for a Better World

Combining better analysis with more meaningful participation will improve policy decisions.

Moving Forward to Improve Regulation

A recent OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook sketches the present and future of OECD countries’ regulatory policy practices.