Trump’s Alternative Economics of Climate Change

The Trump Administration’s new social cost of carbon policy muddies the waters.

The Race Question

OMB proposal to revise its racial and ethnic categories may better reflect America’s changing demographics.

Hill Briefing Addresses Regulatory Challenges for Next Administration

Public Citizen and the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards convened panels of regulatory experts.

Preventing Regulatory Capture

When a regulation’s benefits exceed its costs, simplicity and interdisciplinary processes are essential to reducing capture.

How Government Can Root Out Regulatory Capture

It is time for government to stop private interests from gaining improper influence over regulators.

Congress Enacts Infrastructure Reform, but Implementation Lags

Transportation bill aims to bring change and certainty to the implementation of major infrastructure projects.

We Decline to Define ‘Reasonably Available’

The new amendment to incorporation by reference rules leaves important issues unaddressed.

Federal Advisory Board Seeks Comment on Public-Private Partnership Disclosure

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board says public-private partnerships need targeted disclosure.

Hundreds of Recent Final Rules Are Technically Unlawful

Agencies apparently fail to comply with a mandatory reporting requirement for many federal regulations.

The Role of Distributional Impacts in Cost-Benefit Analysis

How do agencies use distributional effects in regulatory impact analyses?

White House Completes Review of ADA Revisions

Industries brace for potential new disability accommodation obligations.

Can a Regulatory Budget Trim Red Tape?

A paperwork budget could gain bipartisan support.