Promoting Primary Care in Medicine

Experts suggest changing Medicare’s payment structure to encourage physicians to pursue primary care specialties.

Supreme Court to Review Notice Requirements for Medicare Payment Rules

Court’s ruling could determine the procedure for changing hospital reimbursement formulas.

When the Health Care Market Cannot Regulate Itself

Vermont moves to an all-payer system in regulating prices for health care services.

Pennsylvania Seeks New Approach to Long-Term Medicaid Services

State explores Medicaid changes to improve care for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Electronic Medicare Cards Could Reduce Fraud, Improve Care

GAO report suggests replacing paper Medicare cards with newer technology.

Five States Allow Women’s Health Medicaid Programs to Lapse

Low-income women may soon lose access to low-cost or free family planning.

Federal Government Looks to Revise Home Health Care Guidelines

Proposed rule would revise Medicare certification requirements for home health agencies.