Department of Education

Removing the Tax Consequences of Student Loan Discharge

Treasury Department could take action to eliminate taxation of student loan forgiveness.

The Future of the Education Department’s Power to Cancel Student Loan Debt

The Department only seems to use its compromise power in a very narrow set of cases, but there are signs that the zeitgeist may be shifting.

The Dark Side of Departmental Discretion

New regulations governing student debt leave too much power concentrated with Education officials.

Even for Defrauded Students, Debt Relief is Rarely Granted

Reluctance by Education officials to exercise their debt cancellation powers unfairly punishes students.

Student Loans Should Not Fund the Department of Education

Federal officials should reorient themselves around students’ best interests instead of departmental budgets.

The Department of Education’s Power to Cancel Student Debt

Despite the breadth of the Department of Educations’s debt-cancellation powers, it has failed to employ its powers to their fullest extent.

Supreme Court Takes Up Transgender Restroom Policy

Case presents opportunity for Court to consider deference to agencies’ interpretations of regulations.

Should the Education Department Hear Class Actions when Colleges Collapse?

The agency’s proposal to streamline student loan forgiveness claims is laudable, with its potential for a fairer, more efficient process.

Next Steps in Improving Higher Education Regulation

The key to improving higher education in the United States lies in selecting the right regulatory tools.

Toward a New Approach to Regulating Higher Education

A strengthened management-based regime could be combined with a lessening of unnecessary and unhelpful “command and control.”

President Obama’s College Rating Proposal

The college rating controversy reveals the challenges of a performance-based approach to regulating higher education.

Management-Based Regulation of Higher Education

Regulation of higher education has long been “management-based”—and under attack for being ineffectual.