Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Problem of Health Information Inequity

Scholar argues that the poor and elderly are most vulnerable to health data security breaches.

The Role of Appropriate Access to Care in Reducing Health System Costs

Improving access to health care can reduce long-term health care costs.

Can Health Regulation Move Beyond Markets?

To improve the health care system, the values Americans have about health care must change.

Defining and Establishing Goals for Medicare for All

Although “Medicare for all” has picked up political traction, how it will materialize remains unclear.

Should the Federal Government Allow States to Require Medicaid Recipients to Work?

A federal judge strikes a blow to two states’ Medicaid work requirements.

Encouraging Customization and Courtroom Claims in Long-term Care

Controversial rule promotes personal care and bars forced arbitration in long-term health care.

States Adopt Private Market Model for Public Health Insurance Programs

An experimental Medicaid program could cut across party lines and provide health care to millions of Americans.

How Health Care Providers View Meaningful Use

Researchers assess providers’ views on government incentives for electronic health records.

Regulating the Next Generation of Genetic Testing

New approaches to clinical care pose regulatory challenges.

Five States Allow Women’s Health Medicaid Programs to Lapse

Low-income women may soon lose access to low-cost or free family planning.

Federal Government Looks to Revise Home Health Care Guidelines

Proposed rule would revise Medicare certification requirements for home health agencies.

Obamacare Could Improve Prisoner Healthcare and Save States Money

Medicaid expansion creates incentives for states to provide inmates with health care services.