Book Review

Regulatory Vigilance in a Changing World

In a new book, Cristie Ford advocates that regulators pay closer attention to private-sector innovation.

Regulatory Capture, Ancient and Modern

Regulatory capture’s antecedents in political thought—which date back to ancient Greece—inform the modern concept.

Response to Disclosurites

The authors respond to RegBlog commentators and call for the end of “useless” disclosure requirements.

Mistaking the Symptom for the Disease

Disclosure is not a substitute for regulations that protect consumers.

Mandated Disclosure May Have Flaws, But It Still Has Value

Scholar highlights some of the successes of mandatory disclosure policies.

Defending Disclosure

Scholar challenges the claim that mandatory disclosure is a failure.

Information Overload and Mandatory Securities Regulation Disclosure

Arming the public with the right information is good for securities markets, but information overload is not.

Is Mandatory Disclosure Helping Consumers?

The Regulatory Review features commentators on a recent book that questions whether mandatory disclosure is really working.

The Struggle Over the Constitution in the Workplace

The Regulatory Review features commentators on a new book that analyzes the campaign to give constitutional rights to workers.