FAA Proposes Aircraft Retrofit Requirement

Some cockpit displays may fail because of Wi-Fi interference.

Regulating Labor

RegBlog commemorates Labor Day by highlighting connections between regulation and employment.

Recess Appointments Ruling Reveals Insight in Constitutional Theories

Cass Sunstein analyzes recent ruling through the lenses of originalism and Burkeanism.

TSA Seeks Comments on Whole Body Imaging at Airports

TSA will install new privacy technology on screening machines in coming weeks.

Despite Recent Safety Record, FAA May Lack Key Data

Recent GAO report details ways to improve aviation safety data collection.

Congress Considers Restricting the Use of Unmanned Aerial Aircraft

Proposed bill would limit the use of drones for surveillance.

How Should the U.S. Regulate Housing Finance After the 2008 Crisis?

Understanding why housing finance regulation fell short in the past can help in the future.

AT&T Seeks Government Support to Modernize Internet Infrastructure

AT&T petitions the FCC to facilitate experimental transitions to an Internet-based network.

Federal Housing Finance Agency Rejects Debt Forgiveness Program

FHFA says statute prevents Fannie and Freddie from adjusting principal.

Pennsylvania to Resume Homeowners Assistance Program

Program that had saved thousands of homes is resuming.

Valuing the Rear-view Camera Rule

NHTSA’s analysis cannot support its conclusion that the benefits justify the costs.

Nuclear Power After Fukushima

PPR seminar considers how Japan disaster will affect nuclear power globally.