FDA Grants Hearing on Proposed Withdrawal of Marketing Approval for Avastin

The FDA proposes to withdraw approval for a breast cancer treatment, with hearing scheduled for June.

FDA Seeks Public Input and Increased Funding to Implement Food Safety Act

The FDA holds public meetings to discuss its new authority as some members of Congress question the agency’s budget.

FDA and Importers Gain New Responsibility to Police Imported Foods

New legislation increases safety responsibilities of the FDA and food importers.

USDA Fully Deregulates Genetically Modified Alfalfa

Following Supreme Court decision, the USDA stops regulating Roundup Ready Alfalfa.

Proposed HHS Rule Would Extend Health Care Protections to Student Health Plans

The proposed rule would offer some, but all not, consumer protections of PPACA to student health plans.

Federal Courts Split on Constitutionality of Individual Mandate in Health Care Law

Two district courts uphold insurance mandate, but two other courts find it unconstitutional.

Proposed MSHA Regulation Seeks to Strengthen Pattern of Violation Provisions

Mine safety regulator proposes criteria for improving worker protection.

Is the Mine Safety and Health Administration Up to the Task?

Funding shortfalls may inhibit efforts at improving mine safety.

CPSC & HUD Issue Guidance on Imported Drywall

Government takes steps to protect consumers from poisonous substances in homes.

On Shedding Calories and Disclosing Information

Studies question whether nutrition disclosure laws are effective in reducing calorie intake.

OSHA Proposed Rulemaking on Workplace Right-to-Know

Agency seeks to change requirements for manufacturers to disclose information about hazardous materials.

Transparency and Health Care Reform

President Obama faces major tradeoff in achieving promised health reform.