The Failed Reign of Mandated Disclosure

Recent book highlights flaws in mandatory information disclosure as consumer protection policy.

Appreciating The Workplace Constitution

Sophia Lee’s new book makes contributions to the fields of constitutional law, labor law, employment discrimination, and administrative law.

A Contribution to Both Legal History and Constitutional Theory

The Workplace Constitution Reveals that the U.S. Constitution lacks any particular political valence.

Administrative Constitutionalism and Administrative Power

New book raises the question of when bureaucratic constitutional interpretation is desirable and sustainable.

A Window into America’s Administrative State

Agencies are deeply enmeshed in creating our constitutional understanding.

Administering the Workplace Constitution

The Constitution is distinct and alive in the administrative state.

Does Regulation Kill Jobs?

New book from Penn Program on Regulation explores the connection between regulation and employment.

The Problem of Political Ignorance

Voter ignorance bolsters arguments for judicial review and limited government.

The Politics of Regulatory Reform

The politics of regulatory reform is much more about politics than it is about regulation.

The History of Precaution

An analysis of legal traditions provides insight into transnational regulatory relations.

Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis Spreads to Developing World

Despite challenges, cost-benefit analysis can serve as an effective tool worldwide.

The Paradox of Regulation: What It Can and Cannot Achieve

Regulatory success depends on managing actuarial, socio-cultural, and political risk.