Theodore W. Ruger

Theodore Ruger is a Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to his interests in constitutional law and legislation, Professor Ruger also teaches and writes in the area of health law and pharmaceutical regulation.

Making Law Student Mental Health a Priority

Initiatives at Penn Law affirm a commitment to making well-being a priority in its community and the legal profession.

State Powers Remain Vital After the ACA Decision

State governments still have great power to negotiate favorable outcomes.

Real State Power Means Getting in the Obamacare Game

Embracing the implementation of Obamacare could give states greater power.

Improving Drug Safety Regulation after the Meningitis Outbreak

Congress should provide FDA with clearer authority and increased resources.

Preemption of Vaccine Injury Lawsuits Upheld

The Supreme Court decides that federal statutes preempt state lawsuits over vaccinations.