Cary Coglianese

Cary Coglianese is the Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, where he currently serves as the director of the Penn Program on Regulation and the faculty advisor to The Regulatory Review (formerly RegBlog). He specializes in the study of regulation and regulatory processes.

Moving Toward the Evaluation State

By taking three feasible steps, the administration could help build a regulatory culture more supportive of ex post evaluation.

RegBlog’s Next Chapter

With the launch of a new, innovative website, continues to pursue unconventional ambitions.

Institutionalizing Regulatory Lookback

Obama’s next OIRA Administrator should act to embed retrospective evaluation into the regulatory process.

What are Regulation’s Effects on Employment?

New Wharton Public Policy Initiative issue brief by Professor Coglianese reviews the evidence.

Improving Drug Safety Regulation after the Meningitis Outbreak

Congress should provide FDA with clearer authority and increased resources.

The Administrative President

In his second term, President Obama will seek even more policy change by influencing federal administrative agencies.

The Regulatory Blame Game

Criticism of FDA over meningitis outbreak repeats a familiar pattern of regulatory blame.

When is a Federal Agency not a Federal Agency?

Credit union overseer is not subject to normal government rules when acting as liquidator.

Has the U.S. Regulatory System Broken Down?

A new book both challenges and informs the debate over government regulation.

Regulation’s Four Core Components

A clear framework to cut through semantics about different types of regulations.

Improving Regulatory Performance through Ex Post Evaluation

Without better evaluation of existing regulations, regulators will too often operate in the dark.

Is Flexible Regulation an Oxymoron?

Regulatory flexibility makes sense only when comparing rules’ stringency, structure, specificity, and scope.