Food Packaging


Meatpackers Piggyback on Department of Agriculture Deregulation

New pork processing rule assigns inspection duties to plant workers and removes cap on processing line speed.

Improving Front-of-Package Food Health Labeling

Food regulators in the United States should adopt smarter front-of-package labeling to encourage healthier eating.

The FDA’s Sweet Proposal on Food Labels

The FDA has proposed adding to product labels daily percentages for added sugars.

Challenges to Country-of-Origin Food Labels

House passes bill to repeal mandatory country-of-origin labels on meat products.

Alcohol Bureau Will Not Revise Labeling Rules

TTB withholds “gluten-free” label for specially processed beers.

The Promise and Perils of Gluten-Free Labels

The FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule may lead manufacturers to inform some consumers while misleading others.