Federal Reserve

Financial Regulators Find Heightened Risks in Lending Behavior

Rise in leveraged lending prompts concern among the top U.S. financial regulatory agencies.

Former Fed Chair Proposes Broad Changes to U.S. Financial Regulatory System

Volcker Alliance releases report calling for new financial system oversight structure.

Senate Report Finds Strong Wall Street Influence on Commodities Markets

Legislators urge the Fed to increase oversight of large banks.

The State of Inequality in America

Federal Reserve Chair’s speech lays factual foundation for policy deliberation.

Fed Ends Quantitative Easing

Central bank discontinues program of buying financial assets from commercial banks and returns focus to managing interest rates.

Treasury Agency Struggles to Change Paper Money

Recent GAO report exposes difficulties in accommodating paper money to meet the needs of the visually impaired.

Fed May Increase Capital Holding Requirement for Large Banks

In testimony before Senate, Federal Reserve official foretells changes to banking rules.

Proactive Regulation

Policymakers should use statistical prediction to analyze social trends and prevent crises before they strike.

Banking Regulation Based on Hypotheticals?

Legal scholar argues that bank stress tests should be abandoned or made more robust.

Gift Cards and the Potential for Money Laundering

The growth of gift cards raises new and unexpected challenges for regulators and law enforcement.

Federal Reserve Board Implements New Capital Plan Rules

New rules amend capital-to-risk ratio requirements.

Payouts from Foreclosure Settlement Begin

Mortgage borrowers begin to receive relief from $9.3 billion settlement.