Are Louder Cars Safer Cars?

Federal regulators may require electric cars to make more noise.

For Agencies, Smooth and Safe Traveling Takes a Front Seat on Thanksgiving

Holiday marked by mass mobility prompts regulatory responses nationwide.

Pipeline Safety Regulator Proposes Rule to Prevent Pipeline Spills

Rule would impose reporting and inspection requirements in light of 2010 pipeline spill and legislation.

Promoting Safer Streets

Department of Transportation steps up effort to enhance pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

New Federal Guidance Issued on Public-Private Toll Roads

Federal highway authority calls for balancing public policy objectives with private investment.

A Libertarian Bias in the D.C. Circuit’s Administrative Law

Scholars say the Supreme Court should rebuke the lower court’s ideologically influenced decisions.

Week in Review

Obama continues cabinet nominations, OMB analyzes regulatory costs and benefits, and more.

Week in Review

Hurricane Sandy triggers responses by federal and state agencies, a federal judge curtails contraception mandate, and more.