The 2023 Regulatory Year in Review

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The Regulatory Review presents our top essays from the past year.

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Throughout the past year, regulators from around the world have confronted new challenges posed by a variety of sources: the rise of artificial intelligence, climate change, and racial inequality, to name but a few of the many notable issues with implications for regulatory policy.

As 2023 comes to an end, those of us at The Regulatory Review reflect on the significant role of regulation in shaping both global and local events and addressing new challenges facing the world and our communities.

In this year-end series, The Regulatory Review highlights many regulatory developments from the past year as well as showcases the most widely read essays we have published during the last twelve months.

We first spotlight the top essays based on page views that we received from some of the world’s leading experts on regulatory law and policy. We then recap the most widely read essays written by our own staff members. Then, we turn to a selection of major regulatory news stories from the past year, as chosen by our associate editors who produce our regular Week in Review feature. Next, we are pleased to revisit all of our special essay series published in The Regulatory Review within the past year. And we also highlight the most widely read Saturday Seminars written by our staff members. Finally, we showcase, for the first year, all of the illuminating interviews with regulatory leaders and thinkers that we published this year as part of our newest feature: the Sunday Spotlight.

At The Regulatory Review, we not only recognize that it is a distinct privilege to publish new content every day on the most vital regulatory issues of our time. We also see it as our responsibility to provide this public service, educating readers from around the world about important regulatory issues and providing a neutral forum for engagement with a diversity of viewpoints. In what we publish every week, we seek to bring clarity to complex but consequential policy debates, opening a window into the fascinating and important world of regulation.

As the year comes to a close, we thank our readers and contributors for engaging with us throughout the year. And we extend to you our very best wishes for the new year.

– The Editorial Board of The Regulatory Review

Top Contributor Essays of 2023

December 25, 2023

We are pleased to feature the top essays written by our outside contributors in 2023, including K. Sabeel Rahman’s “Modernizing Regulatory Review,” Katherine Shaw’s “With Its Student Loan Decision, the Court Again Limits Agency Authority,” Richard J. Pierce, Jr.’s “Are Most Federal Statutes Unconstitutional?,” and more.

Top Staff Essays of 2023

December 26, 2023

We are pleased to feature the top essays written by The Regulatory Review  staff in 2023, including Ayo Aladesanmi’s “Agile Regulation and the Future of Governance,” Bijan Avaz’s “Banking on an Antitrust Revival,” Madeline Bruning’s “EPA Finds Evidence of Racial Discrimination in Cancer Alley,” and more.

Featured Series of 2023

December 27, 2023

We are pleased to revisit the many topical series published in The Regulatory Review during 2023, including “Mobility Justice,” “ESG and Retirement Plan Investing,” and “Improving and Disclosing Agency Decisions.”

Top Regulatory News of 2023

December 29, 2023

In lieu of our regular Friday feature—”the Week in Review”—we recap some of the top regulatory news of the year.

Top Saturday Seminars of 2023

December 30, 2023

We are pleased to highlight the top “Saturday Seminars” written by The Regulatory Review  staff in 2023, including “Are Child Labor Protections Working?” by Korinne Dunn, Saba Mengesha, and Alyson Diaz, “The Pervasive Problem of Forever Chemicals” by Carson Turner, Julia Englebert, and Narintohn Luangrath, “Regulating ESG Disclosure” by Anilya Krishnan, Katie Cohen, and Caroline Hackley, and “Is It Time to Suspend School Suspensions” by Alexandra Walsh, Elizabeth Yin, and Mary Moynihan, and more.

Featured Sunday Spotlights of 2023

December 31, 2023

We are pleased to reprise the first year of our newest feature—the “Sunday Spotlight”—which included interviews with leading academics and regulatory experts such as Cass R. Sunstein, Troy A. Paredes, Sally Katzen, and John D. Graham.