Maxwell Blum

How Well Do Businesses in India Comply with Regulatory Standards?

World Bank research study shows substantial noncompliance with key labor law.

White House Report Outlines New Transparency Efforts

Report reveals administration plans to create a web portal for Freedom of Information Act requests.

New Thoughts on Nudges

Legal scholar argues that nudging regulations are often more efficient.

The Clean Air Act and the Poor

Economists’ study provides a quantitative look at the equities of environmental regulation.

Obama Administration Moves to Expand Access to Government Data

Executive order makes open and accessible data a default government policy.

“Divide and Differ:” Avoiding Catastrophe in the Digital Age

Scholar suggests new strategy for improving cybersecurity.

Federal Appeals Court Says EPA Cannot Make Rules by Correspondence

Court vacates EPA letters to Senator, holding they amounted to new regulations.

Making Decisions without All the Answers

Institute of Medicine report describes how the EPA should confront uncertainty.

A Proposed Environmental Agenda for Obama’s Second Term

New position paper calls for climate change and sustainable energy regulations.

Improving the Regulation of Offshore Oil Drills

Economist proposes creating a new regulatory regime for the offshore drilling industry.

Federal Housing Finance Agency Rejects Debt Forgiveness Program

FHFA says statute prevents Fannie and Freddie from adjusting principal.

Justice Department Attempts to Close Prisons’ Revolving Door

The Department of Justice hopes to reduce crime by easing the path to reentry.