Defense Department Amends Rules to “Match Reality” for Women in Combat

Rule restricting women’s role in direct combat will be formally lifted.

Girls’ Sports Opportunities Show Greater Gap

University report claims the gender gap in sports opportunities has widened.

Marijuana in Colorado: Legalized but Regulated

Colorado will need to regulate the market for a federally-banned drug.

DHS to Offer Deportation Guidance on Same-Sex Couples

Discretionary relief from deportation for same-sex partners.

California Adopts “Homeowners Bill of Rights” to Combat Foreclosures

The Golden State joins other jurisdictions in adopting reforms to lower foreclosure rates.

Senate Bills Aim to Help Graduates in STEM Fields Get Green Cards

Supporters of Senate Bills on STEM say US needs skilled immigrants.

Justice Department Attempts to Close Prisons’ Revolving Door

The Department of Justice hopes to reduce crime by easing the path to reentry.

Justice Department Announces Rules to Stop Prison Rape

Rules aim to eliminate sexual assault through a comprehensive regulatory scheme.

USDA Guidance Calls for Greater Attention to Multilingual Services

USDA-funded organizations need to plan for individuals with limited English proficiency.

DOJ Extends ADA Compliance Date for Pools and Spas

DOJ delays disability compliance date for public pools, spas.

Controversy Surrounds HHS Contraception Mandate

President’s advisers signal willingness to “work with religious groups.”

Hiding Our Unpopular Privacy

Why government should protect our privacy even when we would not.