Private Rules, Public Goods

New book examines agents and entrepreneurs in today’s global environmental governance.

Improving Disability Adjudication

ACUS makes several recommendations to improve SSA’s claim processing.

Plastic Bag Regulations Gain Momentum, Face Criticism

Many jurisdictions have adopted or are considering controversial laws that restrict single-use plastic bags.

HUD and VA Partner to Eliminate Veteran Homelessness

Agencies announce third installment of housing vouchers, part of $68 million plan.

Pro Bono Regulations to Take Effect in New York

Bar applicants now required to complete fifty hours of service.

Gun-Tracing E-Database Up and Running

Firearm investigative resource unveiled in Virginia.

White House Completes Review of ADA Revisions

Industries brace for potential new disability accommodation obligations.

Defense Department Amends Rules to “Match Reality” for Women in Combat

Rule restricting women’s role in direct combat will be formally lifted.

Girls’ Sports Opportunities Show Greater Gap

University report claims the gender gap in sports opportunities has widened.

Marijuana in Colorado: Legalized but Regulated

Colorado will need to regulate the market for a federally-banned drug.

DHS to Offer Deportation Guidance on Same-Sex Couples

Discretionary relief from deportation for same-sex partners.

California Adopts “Homeowners Bill of Rights” to Combat Foreclosures

The Golden State joins other jurisdictions in adopting reforms to lower foreclosure rates.