Applying Tobacco Tax Lessons to Sugary Drinks

Scholar says price minimums and prohibitions on discounts must accompany sugary beverage taxes.

Last Licks for Baseball’s Chewing Tobacco Habit

City and state officials seek to ban chewing tobacco from sports stadiums around the country.

Is Professional Self-Regulation at a Crossroads?

Recent Supreme Court decision is a wake-up call for state licensing boards claiming antitrust immunity.

Do Occupational Licenses Keep Consumers Safer?

Recently released White House report criticizes the rise of occupational licenses, suggests improvements.

Challenges to Country-of-Origin Food Labels

House passes bill to repeal mandatory country-of-origin labels on meat products.

Regulatory Leadership in Tackling Tobacco

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler recounts his efforts to control cigarettes.

Do Healthier School Lunches Mean More Food Waste?

The debate on plate waste from healthy school lunches continues.

The Regulatory System May Not Be Ready for Synthetic Organisms

As researchers develop organisms that fuel your car, scholars warn that current regulations are not adequate.

Bringing Transparency Back to U.S. Food Law

Scholar argues that the food regulatory scheme is not doing enough in the name of transparency.

Supreme Court Ruling Preserves Health Insurance Subsidies

Supreme Court held that Affordable Care Act’s tax credits can apply to Americans in every state.

NHTSA Proposes Rule to Curb Substandard Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcyclists and law enforcement officials disagree over the necessity of proposed changes to helmet standards.

Advisory Committee Urges Americans to Adopt a Sustainable Diet

Latest recommendations urge Americans to eat less meat.