Science and Policy After “Climate-Gate”

PPR panel discussion centers on climate change data and the uncertainties that countries face in addressing the issue.

EPA Announces Climate Change Regulation Will Not Take Effect Until After the 2010 Elections

Agency clarifies that it will not implement greenhouse gas regulations for at least one more year.

On Shedding Calories and Disclosing Information

Studies question whether nutrition disclosure laws are effective in reducing calorie intake.

More Petitions Filed Challenging EPA’s Endangerment Finding

Groups challenge EPA’s reliance on scientific reports to find danger in greenhouse gas emissions.

Additional Efforts to Halt EPA Climate Change Regulation

Two more House bills aim to curb EPA’s regulatory authority.

EPA Considers Closing Down Voluntary Programs

The impacts of agency’s decision to end voluntary regulatory compliance programs may be difficult to evaluate.

Can the Congressional Review Act Block Climate Change Regulation?

Members of Congress invoke federal law to halt EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases.