Sam Saylor

Regulation Takes Center Stage in State of the Union Address

Obama emphasizes the role of government in promoting economic growth and fairness.

GAO Says Dodd-Frank Rulemaking Should be Improved

Financial regulation needs more rigorous analysis and better interagency communication.

Could a Future President Reinstate the Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy?

Despite some Republican candidate promises, reinstating a ban on gays in the military would be hard to do.

ACUS Committee Discusses Online Access to Rulemaking

Committee investigates how to improve public access via the Internet.

Debt Ceiling Legislation Also Speaks to Administrative Law

Rules governing student loans are exempt from a negotiated rulemaking mandate.

GAO Recommends Reducing Governmental Duplication

Report uncovers potential waste in agency programs.

OIRA’s Guide Provides Agencies with Recommendations for Using

OIRA recommends that agencies promote public access by uploading rulemaking documents in a timely, consistent fashion.