Robert Jackel

Federal Register Will No Longer Be Printed, Obama Says

The federal government’s daily publication will appear online only.

Agency Calculations of the Value of Statistical Lives Saved

Regulatory agencies change monetary values used when analyzing life-saving regulations.

Spring 2011 Recap: Risk Regulation Seminar Series

Dynamic speakers highlight PPR’s spring series.

Budget Deal May Shut Down Open Government Websites

Obama’s Open Government Initiative takes a budget hit.

Scholars Debate Whether the Administrative Procedure Act Provides Sufficient Transparency

Scholars from the Mercatus Center argue for that agencies do not weigh sufficiently comments they must receive under the APA; others dispute the need for additional agency analysis requirements

FDA Seeks Public Input and Increased Funding to Implement New Food Safety Act

The FDA holds public meetings to discuss its new regulatory authority; some members of Congress question the agency’s proposed budget.