Hiding Our Unpopular Privacy

Why government should protect our privacy even when we would not.

“Deference” is Too Confusing – Let’s Call Them “Chevron Space” and “Skidmore Weight”

Distinct concepts clarify judicial review of U.S. agency decision making.

Getting the Numbers Right

Judicial review of benefit-cost analysis is no cure-all.

The Costly Effects of Regulatory Burdens

Countries should follow the North American lead in requiring cost-benefit analyses of new regulations.

White House Actions on Regulatory Reform Do Not Match Its Rhetoric

The Obama Administration has only insignificantly lightened regulatory burdens.

European Court of Justice Fails to Scrutinize Precautionary Principle

A recent judgment undermines legitimacy in risk regulation.

The Ozone Standard as Presidential Policy: Some Concerns

Obama’s short-term decision dangerously contradicts long-term legislative policy.

Why Costs Should Play No Role in Setting Ozone Standards

President Obama made a bad decision to withdraw EPA rule.

Making the Rulemaking Process Accessible to Ordinary Citizens

Administrative agencies should design their websites with rulemaking participation by the general public in mind.

Perfecting Our Recipe for Regulatory Compliance

Agencies should use e-government initiatives to improve regulatory compliance.

11th Circuit Rejects Unlimited Power to Impose Federal Mandates

The appeals court demonstrates why health insurance requirement is unconstitutional.

Congress Needs Its Own Regulatory Review Office

OIRA oversight of regulation is necessary, but not sufficient.