Regulatory Year in Review: 2011

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RegBlog recaps the regulatory news, analysis, and opinion highlights of 2011.

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As 2011 news.jpg2011 draws to a close, RegBlog reflects back on a year of major regulatory developments around the world.  Over three days this week, we will present the top 50 RegBlog posts of the past twelve months, based on the number of page views.

Three-Part Series

Regulatory News: Year in Review

Featuring News posts by RegBlog staff, including: “Washington Workshop on Assessing Open Government,” “Federal Judge Rejects Amended Google Books Settlement,” “Obama Asks EPA to Delay Ozone Standards,” and more.

Regulatory Analysis: Year in Review

Featuring Analysis posts by regulatory law experts, including: “Preemption of Vaccine Injury Lawsuits” by Theodore Ruger (Penn); “Open Government and Its Impact” by Cary Coglianese (Penn); “The Privatization of Regulation in the World Economy” by Tim Büthe (Duke) and Walter Mattli  (Oxford); and more.
Regulatory Opinion: Year in Review

Featuring Opinion posts by regulatory law experts, including: “The Dodd-Frank Dilemma” by David Skeel (Penn); “11th Circuit Rejects Unlimited Power to Impose Federal Mandates” by Ilya Somin (George Mason); and “Unpopular Privacy: What Must We Hide” by Anita Allen (Penn)