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Regulatory news in review

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  • Following the nuclear crisis in Japan, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced that, even though its six nuclear power plants are not in earthquake-prone areas, it may invest significantly in making them less vulnerable to “natural and man-made disasters.” For example, the TVA may minimize its use of storage pools for spent fuel, install more backup generators, strengthen communication abilities, and make electrical switchboards less vulnerable to earthquakes. See related The Regulatory Review essay.
  • Several financial regulatory agencies released a proposed rule, under the Dodd-Frank Act, that would require many financial institutions to disclose the structure of their incentive-based compensation programs. The agencies seek to discourage financial incentives to engage in the high-risk behavior that has been associated with the financial crisis. See related The Regulatory Review essay.
  • The House of Representatives, in a 235-193 vote largely along party lines, passed a proposed 2012 budget introduced by Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI).  The budget would reduce the federal deficit by raising the age of eligibility for Medicare, converting Medicare to a voucher system, reducing Medicaid funding, retracting measures in the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and lowering taxes for corporations.
  • State religious authorities in Tajikistan, a Muslim country, have ruled that, under Islamic law, a husband may not divorce his wife through text messages.  Tajik marital regulations also include limits on wedding celebrations, including the number of guests, meal size, and ceremony length.

This Regulatory Recap is the final one of the spring semester and of graduating Executive Editor Steven Gillard.  In May, Mima Mohammed will begin authoring this weekly essay.