Week in Review

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Senator proposes regulatory budget bill, EPA holds meeting to discuss drinking water regulations, and more…

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  • Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) discusses legislation he is drafting that would require agencies promulgating a new regulation to eliminate an outdated one with the same approximate economic impact. Senator Warner calls this the “regulatory pay as you go system.”
  • Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, promotes a bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public-sector unions in an effort to balance the budget.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) waives 2010 benefit requirements of PPACA for insurance companies in Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee and Ohio after the states show that the requirements would cause “a significant increase in premiums or a decrease in access to benefits.”
  • HHS issues a final rule rescinding much of a previous rule prohibiting discrimination against health-care providers who refuse to provide care that they find morally or religiously objectionable. The new rule does not affect statutory protection to health-care providers who object to performing abortions or sterilizations.
  • The Department of Defense takes steps to improve health care for the military members and their families. It expedites a transition to electronic medical recordkeeping, and begins funding mental health and family services programs from a stable budget source.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency will hold a public meeting to discuss new drinking water regulations, including the regulation of perchlorate and carcinogenic volatile organic compounds.