Jonathan H. Adler

Jonathan H. Adler is the Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Business Law and Regulation at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. His most recent book is Business and the Roberts Court (Oxford University Press 2016).

A Reply to Our Interlocutors

A response to a lively debate on the modern administrative state.

Reviving Congress’s Ambition

Regular reauthorization of statutes can fix congressional delegation’s temporal problem.

Shunting Aside Chevron Deference

The Supreme Court’s most recent term suggests that some justices would revise the doctrine of Chevron deference.

From Rhetoric to Action

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney would need congressional support for his regulatory reform proposals.

The REINS Act: A Constitutional Means to Control Delegation

The proposed legislation would give Congress authority over a limited set of major regulations.