Eric Schlabs

The Marijuana Industry’s Access to Banks

Legal scholar offers solutions to regulatory obstacles preventing businesses from using financial institutions.

Legal Challenges to Fracking Regulation

It remains to be seen whether industry efforts to fight hydraulic fracturing regulation will succeed.

A Resource List on NHTSA Fines, Recalls, and Reform

RegBlog’s go-to source for learning more about recent auto safety concerns.

Reforming Automobile Defects Investigations

After the federal auto safety agency missed GM’s switch problem, the DOT calls for change.

A Guide to Recent Automotive Industry Fines and Recalls

A decade of missed opportunities has led to increased enforcement and calls for change.

Getting Defective Vehicles Off the Road

In this three-part series, Eric Schlabs examines recent vehicle recalls and what they reveal about federal oversight of automobile safety.

Using the Constitution to Promote Renewable Energy

Legal scholars argue that the Constitution requires states to consider regional energy needs.