Week in Review

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Court throws out EPA emissions regulations, SEC adopts rules on conflict minerals, and more.

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  • Companies will now be required to disclose if they rely on minerals from war-stricken parts of Africa under a new rule adopted by the SEC.
  • The FCC put the brakes on its deregulation of the special access market for connections that link commercial users (such as those in major office buildings) to main telecommunications lines.
  • New Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines for school lunches took effect, including the first national calorie and sodium limits.
  • A federal court ruled in favor of Texas in a case involving a challenge to the state decision to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, the largest provider in the Texas Women’s Health Program.
  • The South Korean Constitutional Court ruled that the Korean government could not require real names to be used online.
  • A survey found broad public support in the United States for certain federal government programs and regulatory functions.