Week in Review

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Court upholds EPA sulfur dioxide air standards, House passes regulatory moratorium, and more.

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  • The House approved a bill that would bar the Department of Labor (DOL) from finalizing a proposed regulation addressing child labor on farms.
  • A federal appeals court ruled in favor EPA air quality standards for sulfur dioxide, stating that the agency did not act “arbitrarily.”
  • A federal appeals court upheld a Department of Transportation rule that requires airlines operating in the U.S. to display prominently their full ticket prices, including taxes and fees, such as fuel surcharges.
  • The European Union proposed making manipulation of certain financial rates a criminal offense.
  • Delegates to an international meeting agreed to impose sanctions against seven countries over lax wildlife trade rules.
  • The U.S. Senate cleared the way for a floor vote on cybersecurity legislation.
  • A federal court ruled that a Colorado company does not have to comply with the Obama administration’s birth-control mandate.