Week in Review

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Australian carbon tax, Christmas tree fee delayed, D.C. Circuit decision on health care law, and more.

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  • Australian lawmakers approved a “pay-to-pollute” tax on the country’s largest carbon emitters.
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he will not pull out of the presidential race after a gaffe at a Republican debate in which he could not remember the name of one of the three federal agencies he would like to eliminate.
  • A federal trial judge, citing free speech concerns, granted a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of an FDA rule issued earlier this year that would require the use of graphic warning labels on cigarette packages. See related The Regulatory Review essay.
  • Officials at the Grand Canyon National Park abandoned plans to ban the sale of plastic water bottles, apparently after conversations with Coca-Cola officials.
  • A federal judge overseeing the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) $285 million fraud case settlement with Citigroup raised questions about whether the agency might be too soft on enforcement targets.