Week in Review

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FAA furlough, electronics recycling program, consumer mortgage advertising regulations, and more.

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  • The Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a strategy to promote sustainability in the electronics market through a public-private partnership. The program includes commitments by Dell, Sprint, and Sony to develop energy-efficient electronics and grow the domestic electronics recycling market.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a rule banning deceptive claims about consumer mortgages in advertising and other commercial communications.
  • The EPA published a final rule requiring warning labels at the pump to prevent misfueling of vehicles that are unable to run on gasoline with a 15% ethanol content.
  • A bill pending on the House floor would cut the EPA budget by $1.5 billion and the Interior Department’s budget by $300 million.
  • The SEC staff released a report recommending that broker-dealers improve training for employees and implement new oversight for the sale of structured securities products. The study focused on eleven broker-dealers and found the firms may have engaged in questionable sales practices.
  • The Institute of Medicine released a report recommending a tougher Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical device approval process. The report reportedly is being challenged by a group of business interests but may still influence the FDA.